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1. Inparanoid: Database of pairwise orthologs. We got the sequences and ortholog information of human and mouse here, as our starting point.

2. BLAST: We used Standard BLASTP for sequence alignment, with blastall.exe of BLAST package for windows version.

3. PSORT II: We got a commend-line version of PSORT II from the authors, for proteins sublocalization prediction.

4. CLUSTALW/X: We download the commend-line of CLUSTALW for global sequence alignment of pairwise orthologs.

5. SUMOplot: Pattern recognition only approach to predict potential SUMOylation sites.

6. ELM: functional sites in eukaryotic proteins.

7. PROSITE: a database of protein families and domains.

8. Protein Sequence Logos using Relative Entropy

If you use our SSP v1.0 or data for your research, please cite the following article:

Fengfeng Zhou, Yu Xue, Hualei Lu, Guoliang Chen, Xuebiao Yao. A genome-wide analysis of sumoylation-related biological processes and functions in human nucleus. FEBS Lett. 2005 Jun 20;579(16):3369-75. Supplementary materials.

A total dataset of 2,683 potential SUMO substrates in human and mouse identified is freely assessable in txt or pdf format.

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