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Welcome to use our SSP 1.0 (SUMO Substrates Prediction 1.0)!

Now (16/03/2007), The SSP 1.0 is freely accessed without registration any longer.

1.Please download the SSP 1.0! The blastall.exe is included in the SSP 1.0 package. Please save the ssp.zip into your root directory, such as: C:\, D:\.

    Click HERE to down the SSP 1.0

2. If the blastall.exe of SSP 1.0 doesn't work on your Windows version computer, we recommend you to downlod the lateset version of BLAST package for windows in NCBI ftp, and put the blastall.exe into the SSP 1.0's directory.

3. The SSP website could be visited from website 1# or website 2#.

      Any further questions, suggestions, comments and general feedback are appreciated. Please contact with us.

If you use our SSP v1.0 or data for your research, please cite the following article:

Fengfeng Zhou, Yu Xue, Hualei Lu, Guoliang Chen, Xuebiao Yao. A genome-wide analysis of sumoylation-related biological processes and functions in human nucleus. FEBS Lett. 2005 Jun 20;579(16):3369-75. Supplementary materials.

A total dataset of 2,683 potential SUMO substrates in human and mouse identified is freely assessable in txt or pdf format.

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